AQUARICH – Packaged Drinking Water
Zawar Sales Ltd. Entered into Packaged Drinking water industry under the brand name of ‘AQUARICH' by erecting ultra modern plant at L-69 MIDC Taloja New Mumbai.

Your drinking water contains all the possible elements which are hazardous for your health. You agree that whether changes affect the purity leave of natural water. Through the water is thoroughly treated at the public water work, it passes through complicated underground, mild steel pipelines that crisscross with drainage lines at many point & gets rusted due to lack of adequate maintenance and enroot, it gets many times contaminated before reaching our door steps. It's a fact that we need pure water for leading a healthy lifestyle. Keeping in mind that water born diseases are presently on high, the demand on pure water is the need of the hour.

Prevention from Water Borne Diseases: If you think that the companies which boast upon the purified water which they offer, is really of that purity level, then elt us bring you to ligh that most of these bottled water brands use only one or two purification process but Aquarich Packaged drinking water passes through seven stages of water purification processes.