The Seven Stages of water Purification are:

This involves the process of taking care of microbiological and organic contamination of water.

Sand Filtration:
The process involves removal of susspended matter and turbidity.

Carbon Filtratiion:
The process involves the removal of organic and other elements that cause bad taste, odour and colour

Micron Filteration:
The process involves the removal of particles as fine as 0.5 micron (the diameter of human hair is 50 micron)

Reverse osmosis System:
It invovles one of the finest method of filtration that removes Solid particles.

U.V. Treatment:
Mainly useful for eliminatying all microorganisms.

It kills all bacteria, viruses and micro organisms thus making the water best for drinking.

List for type of Concentrate: •Cola •Orange •Lemon •Guaranna •Tonic Water •Health based water •Flavored water •Vitamin Water •Energy Drink